Why FYC?




At the heart of First Year College (FYC) are experienced, knowledgeable professional academic advisors. They provide accurate academic advising, personal attention, and concern for students' well-being. The students' relationship with an advisor begins at summer Orientation and continues through the year. FYC academic advisors teach a first-year orientation course (USC 101 and 102) for their advisees each fall and spring. Not only do the students see their advisor weekly in the orientation course, they also meet with the advisor a minimum of two times each semester, for a total of four official advising meetings during the academic year.

All students in First Year College are required to take "Introduction to University Education" (USC 101 & 102) in their first year at NC State. While all orientation courses seek to help first year students become more comfortable within the university community, the First Year College orientation courses also encourage students to make rational, informed decisions about their majors. USC 101 and 102 are designed to include topics that concern undeclared students: adjustment from high school to college, academic expectations of a university student, assessment of one's own personal goals and values, and exploration of careers and undergraduate majors at NC State. At the end of their first year, students have enough information about themselves and the university to make informed decisions about their future.

As a First Year College student, you will have an exclusive opportunity to become completely immersed in the college experience by living in the First Year College Village on NC State‚Äôs Central Campus.  The First Year College Village is designed to enhance the college transition and learning experiences of our residents by providing a safe and welcoming environment for residents to meet peers from diverse backgrounds and cultures, develop a sense of community, and connect to the larger University community.

 A message from Dean Mike Mullen talking about the First Year College!


Students participate in the Majors Fair and talk about why they chose the First Year College. Faculty and Professional Advisors give their reasons why the Majors Fair is a great event for them to attend.