Special Programs for FYC Students

Village Programs and Traditions                                                                              

The staff of the FYC Village regularly bring students social, academic, wellness, and diversity-related programs to help them connect with campus and future success. It's because of these programs, the FYC Village has thrice been named "Village of the Year" (2007, 2008, 2009) by the students on the University's Inter-residence Council. Discussed below are some of the annual events you can look forward to as a member of the FYC Village.

  • Battle for the Beach
  • PAWS- the Pack Academic Workshop Series                                                               
  • Wolfpack Bound Recreational Trips
  • Tickets to Cultural Events
  • Leadership Potential Retreat
  • Service Programs
  • Pack Study-free, walk-in tutoring
  • Faculty February
  • FYC Village Year-End Banquet


                                              Rock Climbing Trip


Leadership Potential Retreat (LPR)

In February each year twenty students from the First Year College Village leave for a weekend retreat where they learn the fundamentals of leadership, grow as leaders and as comrades, and return to campus ready to lead in various positions throughout NCSU's campus.  Participants take LDS 149,of the core workshops for the Visionary Leadership Certificate through the CSLEPS office; the Leadership Practices Inventory; further discover and explore values and ethics; participate in Team Builders, including a low ropes course and other outdoor experiences; play lots of games and meet 19 new friends from Tucker and Owen.  Watch the video from last year!

LPR participant: "Thank ya'll so much for giving me the opportunity to go on this trip! I loved the retreat; it helped to teach me so much about being a good leader and more... I learned to be a good leader you have to trust your own team...We bonded through the good times, and there were even some times when people were really stuggling that we helped them to get passed their fears. Also, good leaders have to be able to juggle thier own values with the values of the group and sometimes it's really hard for people to do this.  I learned a lot and I'm so glad that I was able to take part in this great opportunity."                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

                                             Fort Caswell



Spring Break Immersion Experience

The First Year College's Immersion Spring Break trip was first held March 1-8, 2013 and was an 8- day trip across the state of North Carolina.  A small group of First Year College students and 2 academic advisors, explored North Carolina culture, diversity, and geography. This week exposed students not only to the various geographic regions of the state, but also various populations that make up North Carolina's history and present community including people of color, veterans, women, underprivileged, and working-class. Our week-long journey provided our students the opportunity to explore North Carolina, engage in issues facing the diverse North Carolina populations, and excel in service learning.  



                              Mingo Falls



 Study Abroad Trip to Berlin and Paris                                                                         

Ten students, including First Year College students, and two faculty experienced a Study Abroad trip to Berlin and Paris during Spring Break 2013. The trip was part of a course, Germany and France: International Urban Landscape, History, & Culture. The course and trip focused on the historical development of horticultural plants, small scale gardens & larger landscapes, and sustainability. In addition, the cultural aspects of these cities was explored through visits to museums and historical sites.




                                                   Berlin, Germany