New Students

Welcome to the First Year College!

We are so excited for you to join the First Year College at NC State!
We want to share some bits of information with you that we hope will make your transition to college smoother. 


Before coming to New Student Orientation(NSO), we encourage you to take a look at the content on this website. Each will help you prepare for NSO and be more knowledgeable about courses and requirements. NSO is a whirlwind of information, and we don’t expect that you will remember every detail! But you can always return to this site again for more information about what you heard at NSO or to brush up before classes start!

To get you started, check out the NC State Abbreviations that students and families will frequently hear at Orientation, and in the fall.


First Year College Student Learning Outcomes & Expectations

What to expect prior to and at Orientation

Learn the NC State Lingo (NC State Abbreviations)

Registration Preparation Resources

Placement Tests and Transferring Credit to NC State

General Education Program

How do your AP Test scores line up with NC State credit and GEP courses?

Read through a recommended list of GEP Courses in preparation for NSO

Linked Courses

Frequently Asked Questions about FYC's Orientation